Your Questions About Camomile Tea For Dogs

Michael asks…

Camomile for Crazy Dog?

We have a little yippy brat that has endless energy and aggression. We walk her, play with her, give her plenty of attention, and nothing seems to work! I was looking online for some herbal remedies that might help her calm down, which I did find a few, but I also found that camomile could help just as well. And it is also the main ingredient in most of the ones I looked at. Anyone else heard of this? Or use this to help their pets? If so, does it work? How much do you give? What type do you use? Pill, power or make it like tea?
We’ve already used benedryl on her, many times, and I’m just worried to over use it and harm her. I was thinking maybe use the camomile mostly and the benedryl as a back up if shes really going off the walls. But thank you!


Forget the Benedryl… It is a drug no matter what people think, it’s not the kind of thing you just run around giving to dog to try and solve problems..

Try Lavender… Lavender spray or in a diffuser does wonders for an energetic dog… So does plenty of exercise… But the Lavender will calm them … And helps with separation anxiety, with storms etc.

Charles asks…

my dog has a cold what do i do?


Plain rice and chicken alongside some camomile tea mixed in the water always did the trick for my dogs.

David asks…

My boxer has a rash on the inside of his hind leg?

Hello, I noticed last night when my dog got home from the baseball field with my boyfriend that he had a rash on the inside of his hind leg. It looks more like a burn from skin chafing together?? It is making him not want to move, i can barely get him to walk and once hes up, its very hard to get him to lay back down. Two days ago he swam in the salt water and then last night he did a lot of running, i am wondering if that caused the chafing on his leg? He shakes when i try and touch it, and winces in pain when he tries to jump. Has anyone seen this with their dog that could lend some advice? Of course, I will take him to the vet, i am just looking for a way to help his discomfort in the meantime.

Thanks for any advice!


Is it possible it’s a jellyfish sting? You mentioned salt water? Camomile tea on a cold rag- puit on him and don’t make him move until you get to the vet

Daniel asks…

Does the “Special K” diet really work?

I started the “Special K” diet on Monday — here is what I have eaten for the past 4 days…

Monday- 1 cup of Special K original cereal (with 1/2 cup of fat free milk) for breakfast;; a banana for a snack;; another cup of Special K cereal (with 1/2 cup of fat free milk) for lunch;; an apple for a snack;; and then for dinner I had meatballs and baked mac & cheese.

Tuesday- 1 cup of cereal (with a 1/2 cup of fat free milk) for breakfast;; half a banana for a snack;; a Special K cereal bar for lunch;; an apple for a snack;; and spaghetti for dinner.

Wednesday- I had a Special K cereal bar for breakfast;; an apple for a snack;; a Special K meal bar for lunch;; sugar free jell-o pudding for a snack (it only had 60 calories);; and a cheese hot dog for dinner.

Thursday- So far today I have eaten: a Special K cereal bar for breakfast;; an apple for a snack;; and a Special K meal bar for lunch …

I ONLY drink water, period. I used to be obsessed with Coke; but since Monday I have only had water to drink (and I really don’t like water all that much, so I drink maybe a bottle of water a day- which I know is not enough for my body …)

My questions are:
1.) By following the above routine, do you think I will be able to lose weight on the Special K diet?
2.) I know I need to drink more water, but how much more? I thought about getting the Special K water mixes, but they’re counted as a “snack” so I decided to skip it … and I know the Special K website says to drink beverages like normal, but I think if I drink a Coke or something else then it will completely defeat the purpose of the whole diet!
3.) Can anyone else give me personal experiences from their Special K diet? Did it work? Any advice would be wonderful; thank you!

Oh, by the way … I weigh approx. 138 lbs (I just had my daughter in August, so I am trying to lose my “baby fat”) my goal is to weigh about 125 lbs. (what I weighed before I got pregnant)


U may lose some weight but maybe if your more active in the day (as u have a little one ,congratulations!) have the balanced meal at lunch still leaving u time to burn off the food u have eaten and have the cereal for breakfast and dinner. But personally i think the best thing to do is to make sure u always have a balanced meal ,because once u stop the cereal after the 2 weeks it will b eaiser to go for the quick meals.

I tryed the cereal thing got bored after like 3days!

Another tip i find good, is to not yourself get really hungry and also realize when you are full.

Try and aim for 1.5/ 2l water a day (4pints)

a day for me would be before breakfast about 7.00am i have a cup of warm water with lemon sqeezed in.always warm not cold as cold shocks the body and causes gas and bloating!! Not good!-
8.00 breakfast-cereal/toast/fruit salad and yoghurt one of those.
Dont know about you but i love a tea break usuall about 9.30 but reather than coffee or tea try herbal i like camomile.there a so many to choose.
By 10.00 i usuall have fruit juice (choose seasonal fruit)
12.30ish im ready for lunch something like grilled chiken with some olive oil,herbs,pepper and a little salt.cut into strips and serve with a beautiful salad or veg if ur missing potatoes try using quinoa (keen-wah) so many things can be added to make it amazing.

2.00pm i usually have another herb tea

if i feel peckish in the afternoon i eat pumpkinseeds/sunflowerseeds

4.00 piece of fruit or some cucumbersticks/carott/celeryect…

5.30 dinner fish or meat,veg or salad maybe some rice or 3/4 small new potatoes

7/8pm good old warm water and lemon (add a little honey )

dont ask why i dont know! But i find a really relaxing bath stops me wanting anything else to eat?!

So all day we have given the body lots of nice vitamins and minerals little time for the skin, for a real treat for your skin (available from heath food shops)-2tsp flax oil
2tsp aloe vera
3drops of the essential oils of frakincense and same amount of myrrh

before getting in use a dry skin brush-brush in long movements to the heart and brush lightly .
I hope that some things have been useful to you while on your new journey. I am a trained chef .i lost 56 pounds kept it off for over 2years and feel so much better because of it. One thing to keep in mind your not going on a diet your just changing your food options,it has to be somthing u can maintain good luck and have fun with it!

Helen asks…

Why do I have horrible nightmares every single night?

I have a very vivid, usually gruesome nightmare every single night. I’m always terrified in my dream, and it always deals with someone dying (and usually someone I love) or me being murdered (I don’t ever actually die, I just am being chased). All my dreams are like an entire story line too, its SO weird. Like the other night (this one isn’t soo scary, but it was like a book or a movie) I had a dream that me and my boyfriend were walking down the street very late at night when we came home from a big dinner party, and someone had been harassing me there. A cop turned on its lights down the street and came towards us and we figured they were just seeing if we were okay or whatever and we thought it would be good to tell them someone had harassed me. So the cops (a man and a woman) talked to us and told us to come down to the station with them and they took us to an old building, and we weren’t sure what was going on but then i realized when we were in there that these people weren’t really cops. They were with the person that harassed me and they were going to kill us there. They had taken my phone away from me but my boyfriend still had his phone so we were trying to sneak away to call someone but we never got away.

its just strange to me how detailed my dreams are and how much sense they can make, I mean most people have dreams that are just a bunch of jumbled thoughts, mine usually fit together.
I have dreams where people are stalking me all the time too, like last night I had a dream that I was putting on my make up at like 3 in the morning (for w/e reason) and all the lights were off, I was sitting at my computer desk where my big mirror is in my bedroom where I always do and I just glimpsed out my window and saw a man sitting in his car staring at me right outside my window. I freaked out and decided to go see what was going on, so I crawled to my front door and went outside. Almost every car in the lot was turned on and people were in their cars. All the sudden our dog came running over and I had to put him inside so as I went to grab him, he ran towards a wooded area and I saw a pack of wolves at the edge. For whatever reason I got into my car instead of going inside, but I called my boyfriend who was still in our apt to help me, and i locked my doors and sat inside. Suddenly, I heard some noise and Dakota (our dog) was sitting in the back seat and I was like, how did you get in here? and i realized there was a hole in my trunk and he got in through there, and all the wolves ran to my car and were trying to get in my car, but I was stuck with no escape.

Sorry for all the dreams and these dreams are probably the least scary I’ve had but, I mean there are some i have that are so horrible, I can’t even write on here, they are just messed up. Does anyone know why I’m having nightmares every single night?? I wake up about 3 times a night terrified and I feel like I’ve just watched a horror movie and can’t fall back to sleep. I never watch scary movies because I will dream about them for at least a month. Is there any thing I can do to stop them? or should I talk to someone?
Thanks everyone!!


Hi there,
Sorry to hear you’re having such horrible nightmares!!
There are a few possible explanations for these. Nightmares can be caused by stress or post-traumatic stress or depression. Do you think you suffer from either of these? They can also be caused by certain medications – are you taking any pills for anything at the moment? And they can be caused by a Sleep Disorder of some kind.

Best thing to do would be to see your doctor and explain that you’re suffering from nightmares and that it’s interrupting your sleep. They might be able to refer you to a sleep specialist who could help, or perhaps provide you with some medication like sleeping pills if they’re really bad, or refer to you a therapist or counsellor who can help you to work on your stress levels.

In the meantime, try to relax as much as possible in the evenings before bed. Get a really good bedtime routine and make it something that you look forward to. Watch a light-hearted comedy and then have a relaxing warm bath. You can buy something called pillow mist which is a scented spray you put on your pillow, usually lavender to relax you. Drink a bed-time hot tea like camomile. Make sure you go to sleep in a clean and comfortable room and make sure you’re comfortable and at the right temperature. Nightmares can also be caused by being in an uncomfortable sleep position.

Good luck!!

PS also look at this website i think it has some good info on controlling your dreams by making them lucid dreams

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Your Questions About Camomile Tea For Dogs

Richard asks…

What is wrong with my toy poodle?

I have a 2 year old toy poodle who hasn’t been feeling well for the past 2 days. She has vomited several times (3 times yesterday and once today) and has been trembling. She is also usually very active and always licking, but has just been slowly following me all day and lying on my lap. When i gave her water it seemed to only make it worse. So i gave her some camomile tea and some ginger ale, but she hasn’t touched it. Also, i gave her some pretzels which she has eaten. Her vet isn’t in. Should i bring her to another one? And do you know what’s wrong with her?


Definatlely take her to another vet. Its good your noticing things are different. It doesn’t take long for a small dog to detriate quickly and parvo is a deadly disease. Make sure they check that. You can also look up the signs of parvo on the internet. But take the dog to an all night emergency better to be safe than sorry right.

Charles asks…

I want to sleep at night but i cant i dont know why ? i always fall a sleep when sun starts to show up. help!!?

Is this a disease ? I don’t know but I want a normal life.. like everyone else. Sleep and work in a day time. But main is opposite. Please help me ???


It’s possible you have insomnia, but I think it is just in your head by the sounds of it.

Here’s a few things you can try to help you sleep:

1. Go for a 30 minute fast pace walk/jog during the day. It’s good for your health, and should burn off excess energy.

2. Stop stimulating your mind 2 hours before bed. Don’t play games, view stuff online, watch TV, etc. Instead, play with a dog, or read a book in bed, this will cause your mind to relax.

3. Camomile tea will help you sleep. It is a natural method of sleeping drugs essentially.

4. Keep your alarm clock away from your face while you sleep, the less visible your clock, the less likely you will be to check the time. I personally roll over on my other side to avoid seeing the clock so I do not get focused on the time.

5. Take a look at your diet, you might be over eating, causing a surplus of energy to be built up in your body that you are not burning off.

That’s all I got, you might need to see a Doctor though if you think you may have Insomnia.

Ruth asks…

Need help with 4 month puppy with some issues?

hi i have a male pit bull lab mix puppy, he was abuse before i had gotten him and is part blind from overload parisites(worms) but had just gotten his shot for them today. I think he is getting better to the fact he stoped yelping out of fear of not seeing a thing and afraid somethings coming at him, but he still spins constantly. The problem is he has, i was thinking maybe a donimence issue? Or he may be fear aggressive, he will sometime bite out of anger if you pet him. The same thing happened to my friends dog (except he’s very lovable and never bites when you pet or even hug him) when he was a pup and grew up to be donimate and i fear the same will happen to this pup. The fact that the pup i have now is dong it out of fear i think it will be harder to train and I truely dont know where to start . the potty training is hard also because he spins constently but the vet said he might stop that it was the cause of his blindness and he dosnt know where he’s really going. I cant really aford training. I just need some info on how to train and rehabilatate him. I dont want him to grow up to be a “red alert” fear aggressive dog for my doings, and best to train him now before it gets to late and becomes even more harder to train. And if you know any cheap trainers that would be great if you send me they’re info in the seattle area. i do have experience with pitbull pups age 2weeks and up, but never a fear aggressive one. If you are a dog trainer then maybe you could email me with some help with training with his fear aggression and how to earn his trust. Thank you.


Thanks for adopting a pitbull, especially an abused one, it takes a lot of love, and more so courage, to raise such a dog.

Dominance. You mentioned that word several times and that is indeed wht u must do to stop your dogs fear aggresssion, become dominant. If you are to be dominant, you need to think dominant. A good dog trainer is one who is confident, calm and in control, he is able he who thinks he is able, meaning that to be dominant, simply think yourself dominant. A big part of being your dog’s leader is being confient in yourself, if you are nervous, anxious or afraid their is no way you can become the leader of your dog.

(read in order as listed):

Being dominant will help, but part of your rehabilitation will be to deal with the fear side of it. A fear aggressive dog is harder to rehabilitate than simply an aggressive dogs, they are more fragile. Part of this is going to be gaining trust in your dog. You need to simultaniously become the leader of your dog whilst also slowly overcoming your dog’s fears.

When a dog is afraid do NOT try and comfort him. Sounds incredibly cruel, but there is a reason behind this. In the human mind when a companion is afraid we give affection. But when you give a dog affection it nurtures the state of mind he is in, or the behaviour he is displaying. Positive reinforcement = teach positive behaviour. This rule stays the same when a dog is afraid, nervous or anxious, by giving affection you are telling the dog that what he is feeling is good. You only are encouraging him to be afraid. This confuses the dog, and by also talking in a soft comforting tone you are also, in the dogs mind, displaying weakness. This makes you become more submissive (submissive is the opposite of dominant) and means the dog has to be the dominant one, which will only caue more panic. Instead when facing a dog’s fear you have to very slowly and calmy expose it to him and allow him to adapt. Your dog is obviously afraid because he has been abused and is part blind. THis means you have to constantly remain calm and avoid feeling nervous, anxious or afraid yourself. Dogs can read your feelings, and when one dog in the pack feels nervous or afraid it triggers a reaction. So avoid feeling nervous, it will only make it worse.

The running in circles is definately a sign of fear and confusion. You need to stop the circleing. Only problem is that the possibility is he will panic and become aggressive, and even if he loves you the aggression could turn on you. This is why he needs to wear a muzzle, a fearful pitbull can cause a lot of damage. THis however might cause him to become frustrated and scare him more, so be careful and calm in the process of putting ont he muzzle. Have him on a leash and gently put the muzzle on. Put the muzzle on when he is calm to associate being calm with the muzzle. Same with the leash. Talk minimaly and if so it should only be commands. Allow him time to get used to the muzzle. When he spins gently tug the leash towards yourself in a quick swift moment, and then relax the leash again. The tug should NOT hurt the dog, it should only communicate that the behaviour is bad and snap him out of the behaviour. Remember to only reward good behaviours, and to discourage bad ones. Have him sit down (say the command or aid him and say the command) and allow him to calm down. A cup of camomile tea (no milk or sugar) before hand will help him calm down, as well as some exercise. Walk him around the house, tugging when he begins to show signs of panic/aggression, and remain calm and DON’T TALK the whole time.

Routine will help, as will keeping the house the same. Have a routine for feeding, eating, training ( waking up, going to bed, grooming and going to the toilet will keep the dog calm because everything is in order. When going for walks go when there are little people, and walk the same way every day, at the same time every day. Walk daily.

I can’t fit any more tips, so I hope what I’ve given helps.

John asks…

Cat with bad allergies, help?

My male cat is five years old. Last summer he was very obese because he would open the cabinet door and help himself to his cat food. At the time we were feeding him Purina indoor formula. Anyway my husband and I both hit hard time with our jobs and had to first regulate his food intake. We put the food where he could no longer help himself, which seemed to put him in distress, and gave him the exact amount the bag suggested 1 cup to 1 1/2 cups if he begged. He seems to ALWAYS be hungry he is ALWAYS looking for food and will even get into our food when it is being prepared or in the sink from dinner. Anyway, we then switched his food to less expensive brands. And over the past year we have seen a drastic change in his appearance and his comfort level. First we had a major flea infestation, the land our home sits on has a mixture of sand in the ground, something to do with it being part of a flood zone and recently I found out most people in our area has a problem with fleas SO for about seven or eight months we fought fleas. Comfortis helped with our dogs, but the cats still had a hard time. However, our male cat seems to have an allergy because he goes crazy, he licks and pulls hair out even if there is one flea on him. Finally we got rid of about 98% of these fleas (I still see a couple here and there but it is no where near as bad as it was). But the real kicker cam over the past month. We fed our cats whiskas which later I found out that was probably THE WORST thing to feed them. MY male developed sores all over him in a matter of about a week and seemed to just be eating himself! We have now switched him to Evolve cat food, the ingredients looks good and it’s reasonably priced. We’ve begun keeping him inside at all times bc I’m not entirely sure it’s not environmental, and we’ve put a cone on him, which surprisingly enough he seems to like and purrs when we put it on him. He is slowly looking better but I still fear this could be something else, or that he’s gone totally mental, I was reading about cats who have psych problems and he seems to maybe suffer from anxiety??? So in a nutshell—– Male orange tabby cat, 5 years old, allergies to it seems like everything, and maybe have anxiety problems. Hair is brittle falls out when fleas are present and bad food definitely, may possibly be out door related too. He snuck outside for the first time in two weeks last night and came back looking like he may have been in a fight but pretty sure it was just allergies. Gave him a bath he seems a little better and relaxed in front of the fire place with his cone on him…. He really likes his cone, I now I said that but it’s just weird to me, but glad he likes it… In the next month when we get our taxes back he is will be finally visiting a vet for the first time in a couple years. But does anyone have any suggestions or ideas as to what this could be??? To solve our problems we put a cone on him, feeding him good food, bathing him in anti bacterial shampoo as often as we can without drying out his skin. Should we do this every other week? Every week? When I was a groomer I bathed cats and dogs every week in medicated shampoos and it seemed to help. Sorry this is SOOO long. He use to be so happy and fluffy and fat. Now he’s normal size but everything else is horrible.
Thank you BOTH for you answers. We took him to the vet yesterday bc I was really worried, and luckily the vet we went to was very reasonably priced. The last time I went I feel like I paid an arm and a leg for nothing. He gave my cat a steroid shot and some new flea meds called revolution? He has slept every since then lol. Tuckered out but he is ok! I will be trying the tea leaves soon bc I still feel part of his chewing is anxiety related.


I would suggest you get rid of all the fleas by applying a topical flea treatment like Frontline or Advantage. Second, change the food to a grain free food as cheap cat foods use grains (mostly corn) as fillers. His fur will greatly improve and so will his disposition.
Third, you can open a camomile tea bag and sprinkle a small amount on his food. It helps with anxiety.

Susan asks…

Alleviating period cramps?

I knew Aunt Flo was coming this time, so I was prepared… for everything except cramps capable of making me double over. This is the first time that they are this bad, I’ve already taken two Midol, walked out to get the mail, and picked up branches in the yard. They’re coming back again now that I stopped exercising. I just finished a cup of water. Is hot tea a good choice? I have my reptiles to keep me occupied, and the dogs. I now know why some people call Tom(time of month) the ultimate killer haha. Thanks!


Most herbs and oils and vitamins are usually very ineffective for relieving menstrual pain. If they worked, we’d all be using it basically. Most are proven to be little more than the placebo effect. The ones that do have some supported evidence behind it are calcium and magnesium, thiamine, ginger, fish oil supplements and toki-shakuyaku-san (TSS) – a Japanese herbal remedy. These are not going to be more effective than pharmacological analgesics though.

With regard to tea, here again, they are not going to make a big impact but anecdotally mint tea or camomile tea may be of benefit.

No analgesic claims to cure dysmenorrhoea (period pain), but some will manage it and are the most effective way to relieve cramps. Unless contradicted, try Naproxen, this is a NSAID which reduces the production of prostaglandins, which in turn reduce the contractions of the uterus. Many women find this effective. Mefenamic acid is another option but tends to cause GI upset, but it’s also quite good if heavy bleeding is an issue too. GI upset is also common at period time and is thought to be due to the production of prostaglandins.

Exercise usually helps period pain. If Naproxen does not help then you could ask your GP for an antispasmodic which may also help. Also try and avoid caffiene. There is a link between smoking and dysmenorrhoea, if you smoke, you must stop. Some studies also show that there is a link between obesity and period pain, so try and remian within normal BMI range. A hot water bottle is always very effective.

If you are really having problems with your periods, then it’s worth seeing your GP to rule out secondary causes for dysmenorrhoea. Secondary causes mean if a disease like endometriosis is causing the pain.

With regards to taking pain killers. To get the best effect, it’s important that you take the first dose as soon as you experience pain pain. You could actually even start taking the drug the day before your period is due

Just to pick up on something that was incorrectly mentioned above. We don’t actually prescribe the Pill to mask a period or supress a period (although it does do that). The reason we prescribe the Pill for period pain if pain killers fail to manage it is because the pill causes the lining of the uterus to become thinner and the amount of prostaglandin is reduced. The OCP can also be given vaginally which will minimise the side effects of the Pill.

If all else fails then the Mirena IUS would be the better option in terms of minimal side effects.

With regards to Drs prescribing the Pill to mask endometriosis. This is of course incorrect. The combined pill is not even licensed for the treatment of endometriosis!

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Your Questions About Camomile Tea For Dogs

Helen asks…

Can anyone interpret my dream about a baby inside a snake?

ok so i had a dream of a new born child missing and i found a snake and someone open it up and there was the missing child and i woke up then after i fell asleep again i saw the same snake killing a dog i know is crazy but can some one tell me if this means something ?


Your dream doesn’t really mean anything. That fact that yu had a dream is just that. A dream, not real. Although one snake in Florida was in the news for killing a new born baby it is EXTREMELY RARE almost unheard of except in third world countries where even there it is rare. Have some camomile tea and sleep well :-) You will be fine

James asks…

Is it true that I am going to die from this?!?

Okey!! Hi!!

Since this past weekend, my glands and lymph nodes in my neck have been very sore and EXTREMELY swollen!

It hurts to swallow EVERYTHING(liquids, food, even my spit..)

Monday was the last time I ate real food, a piece of chicken and a couple of spoonfuls of beans, it hurt to eat but I tried.

I went to the doctor Tuesday and I was diagnosed with Viral Pharyngitis(viral sore throat) and a sinus infection with drainage in my throat as well.

I have not eaten since Monday b/c it hurts so bad to swallow and I have only drank(water) when I am taking my pills.(at 9 am and 9 pm)

Other than that I haven’t had anything b/c it is heII trying to get it down and I cry.

Saturday: Attempted at a hamburger, got half of the top bun down! :D
Sunday: Hot dog weiner..O_O
Monday: piece of chicken and beans(I dang near died..)
Tuesday: slice of sausage that I chewed to death but it still hurt so I spit it out.. >=[
Wednesday: Spoonfull of chicken broth, burned like the dickens so I gave up.. :/
Thursday(Today): NOT A THING.. I just quit, however my stomach is hurting and burning and making LOUD noises because I am hungry.. :(

Any suggestions? How to ease some of the pain? Or how to get food in?
I know this isn’t “healthy” but how much damage have I possibly done? How bad could this whole not eating thing be?

Or any other pointers?

I’m open for all advice, stories or remedies..
I’m desperate..(I spent a while on the pizza hut website building pizzas earlier.. LOL) DESPERATE!!

Thanks in advance!!


Unfortunately there is no medication really successful in treatment of your illness… In natural course it will disappear and you will be immune to it for the rest of your life. It takes anything from few days up to one month, sometime require surgical intervention, but it is rare.

Now, how to feed yourself, believe or not – icecream is highly nutrtious, find some natural ones (try varieties without artificial colouring and conservants, without artificial flavour enhancements) in your locality, purchase and eat. Avoid coffee but tea is fine, use bit of natural honey to sweeten it up, if you can get raspberry leafs tea, use that a your base drink, about 3 times a day, drink it fairly hot, it will help swollen throat and oesophagus, 3 times a day as well camomile tea, again, sweetened with honey and juice of half lemon in it, it is strongly astringent and will remove swelling as well. Mushy food should be ok as well, especially after the tea.

Raspberry tea:
raspberry leafs (dry or fresh), 1 heaped teaspoon, in a cup, fill cup with boiling water, step under cover for 5 to 7min, strain, add spoon of honey to taste, drink hot.

Camomile tea:
1 heaped spoon of flowerets, in a cup, fill cup with boiling water, step under cover for 5min (longer will make it too bitter), strain and squeeze juice from half lemon, add spoon of honey to taste, drink fresh and hot.

If you warm it up – DO NOT USE MICROWAVE!

Example of mushy food:

cut or break white breadroll into small pieces, pour over 1 cup of boiling milk, add spoon of honey to taste, allow to cool down to manageable temperature and eat shortly after your drink.

About 1/2 cup of mashed potatoes, add 1/4 cup of milk and 1 teaspoon of butter, mix well together, should be sufficiently mushy to allow you to swallow without a problem.

Any creamy soup, any clear soup, especially chicken broth – it will be ideal, just drink the soup and you should be fine.

By the way – i assume you are juvenile of the species… Language suggest that… Do not worry, you will not die from hunger, in case of total starvation, no food or water – recorded and documented deaths occurred between 28 and 40 days… In case of partial starvation, where water is delivered, deaths occur between 40 and 73 days, this is according to the well documented research from british medical journal. From personal experience – i usually starve myself once a year for a week, sometime bit more, i do not eat anything only drink water. I am closer to 70 than 17…

Lizzie asks…

I’m thinking my dog is bi-polar?

She is an Australian Cattle dog mix, according to the humane society. Very docile, friendly and cooperative. We’d say she’s four and a half years old, we’ve had her four years. In the last six months or so she has begun to freak out now and then (we moved house within the year). It happens when she is alone and contained in a yard, garage or in the house, maybe every six weeks or so. She destroys everything in an attempt to free herself, and has no concern for her own safety judging from the bloody paw prints we find. I know this breed is high energy and she should be getting more than the daily walk and weekly mountain romp that we give her. A friend told me a little camomile tea in her kibble will semi-sedate her, does that work? Do I have to find her another home? We love our dog and she loves us. We spend all the time we can with her, but she’s alone during the day while I’m at work. Help!


Active dog’s need room to run around and play, especially if nobody is home. She may just be lonely and therefore in a desperate attempt to escape and find something to do or a buddy to play with. I don’t think giving her to a new home would solve anything, because what would stop her from doing the same thing under the same conditions? Nothing. I had a dalmation that did nothing but bark and we got complaints from the neighbors. People said use a shock collar and I was highly against it, but my parents tried it anyway. That did not work, it only made her miserable. I decided that she was probably lonely and therefore was barking for a friend or some attention. I brought home a puppy one day and I didn’t here her bark for a long long time. :) if you can it’d be a good idea to get another dog if you believe my assumption could be correct in the fact your dog is wanting attention and is lonely when you are gone. I’ve learned dogs don’t like to be left by themselves much at all.

Richard asks…

is ginger good for settling nerves?

i passed my dog grooming diploma a few weeks ago and set up my own business, until now i had done mostly dog walking and pet sitting, but i got my first grooming job yesterday, and have another booked for tomorrow. the problem is that i took a long time on the dogs i did yesterday, and its knocked what little confidence i had to begin with!
im feeling very nervous about tomorrow, especially since the first dog that bit me was a westie, and the dog im doing tomorrow is a westie, the owner warned me that i may need to muzzle her, im not afraid of being bitten, and i have been bitten many times when i volunteered at a pet rescue centre (if they come in in a bad state and scared, its not their fault if they bite.) im actually afraid of disappointment and failure, i wasnt satisfied with the job i did yesterday, the owner was very understanding though, paid me more than i asked and booked another appointment. my mum said that if i feel nervous about tomorrow i should go to bed early and have a cup of camomile tea… but if im completely honest… i think it tastes aweful and smells of wee =/ it definately isnt relaxing.
my friend told me to drink this drink my mum sells in her shop, its a ‘mandarin and seville orange jigger’ a fermented botanical drink with ginger and herbal extracts.
my friend said ginger is good for settling your stomach and the drink has a very tiny amount of alcohol in it (i dont drink, but its only 0.5% alcohol by volume, enough to relax me but not make me ill she says.)
other than camomile, what else can keep you calm?


Yes, get an early night. Sleep is a must. A milky drink will help you sleep or (surprisingly) a lettuce sandwich!
Did you ever watch Caesar Milan? He says the animals are sensitive and feel what you feel, so make yourself feel calm and relaxed, take time to breathe and follow your breath inside your body – or just feel inside and tell yourself to be relaxed and calm – confident. Try to feel this in your whole being.

Smile inside as if your whole body is smiling.

When you are calm inside, the animals will also feel your calmness and respond in the same way. I am a school teacher, and this ‘inner calm’ works with children too. Mostly, if they are aggressive, it’s because they are scared or fearful, if you ‘lead’ and show calmness, they follow. If you find this hard to do then meditation could help long term, certainly exercise helps.

You could try playing relaxing classical music in your workplace.

You will probably become brilliant at your job, because you care so much – perhaps too much. After a bit of time I’m sure your confidence will grow. If I had a pet I would be pleased to bring him/her to you. Sensitivity is good!

Good luck!

See below for natural remedies – looks like ginger is good for settling nerves.

Sandy asks…

Drugs to help me conentrate?

I can’t concentrate at school or work, I get hyperactive and think of completley random things and izd. I’m bipolar and OCD, are there any drugs i could take?


First, remove the following from your diet: refined sugars–white, bleached sugar, high fructose corn syrup, etc., go decaf if you’re a coffee drinker, & everything with artificial anythings–sweeteners, preservatives, colors or flavors.
Then, start using rubber gloves when you clean, or switch to more human friendly varieties…throw out anything with bleach, and stop using scented laundry detergents…they clash cologne/deoderant anyway. Don’t spray your house with air scenters or Lysols, or plug in anything that doesn’t operate a useable tool…freshen with being clean(USE that OCD!!!)…simmer a water pot with cut up orange with cloves, or essential lavendar oil, or rose petals, or lemons.

Get high quality St. John’s Wort & Ginko Biloba supplements…double dose for 2 weeks, then ease up to normal intake. Around mid-day, take a break…stretch every muscle in your body–raise arms up as high as you can reach, then down to the floor…go side to side…really stretch!!! Breath in during lax, out during reach. Then relax for 15 mins.–do nothing but sip on a cup of camomile, rose hip, green, tea choice…do this routine before bed, too.

You don’t need drugs, you just need a lifestyle shift…running & biking are great for folks like you…get moving…use your energy, and leave the worries by the road side as you go…give your brain the release/chill time it’s screaming for. Do you own a pet??? A dog is great walk/run company, cats are great companions to chill with…few things make you shed a rough day like a wagging tail or rhythmic purrs…if you don’t have a sweety to romp with, that is. LOL

Anyway, hope you get a grip…you’ll love yourself more if you’re not zombified by pharmaceuticals…

Good Journey!!!

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Your Questions About Fedex

George asks…

Why do FedEx likes to leave packages in the front door without knocking to see if anyone was home?

I heard a noise(It wasn’t a knock just footsteps) in the front of my door and when i looked I didn’t see anyone but I saw a package. What if someone stole that package? Are they liable for it? One of these day if I didn’t get my package and turns out someone stole it. . . I’m going to SUE FedEx!


The post office does it all the time. My sister lives in Maryland and has repeatedly asked the post office to keep her packages and she will pick them up herself. They can leave notices. They never do and she has had several packages stolen from her front door. FedEx and UPS do it all the time to me but fortunately I live in an area that is somewhat isolated from mainstream traffic and I have a big dog so I haven’t lost any packages because of that. I don’t think you can sue them. Call the main office and see if you can request for them to leave you notification whenever you have a package.

Joseph asks…

What does FedEx do when they think they have a suspicous package?

If you send a package that has street drugs, pharmaceutical drugs, etc or anything that is illegal to send. Will FedEx open the package and then try and contact the sender and try to arrest them or will they try to contact the receiver and arrest them?

Like will they bait them and allow the package to go through and then arrest the person or will they just not allow it to leave the FedEx center.

Anyone who works for FedEx or UPS, etc that knows would be appreciated.


This is a legitimate question.

Contrary to the childish statement of the person above me.

Apparently his purpose is to demean and humiliate people, instead of being helpful and supportive.

He must be the child of a cop.

Richard asks…

Will shipping Fedex International Priority to the Philippines be delivered straight to our home address?

Will shipping “Fedex International Priority” to the Philippines be delivered straight to our home address? or will it be held at the post office for claiming? thanks in advance!


It will be delivered to their home. Be sure to give a cell # just in case they need to contact them.

Sharon asks…

How can i tell if Fedex is sending me something?

A local construction company said that they had Fedex‘d me something and that it should’ve arrived 2 days ago. I already asked them about it and they said it should be on its way. I hate to bother them again, so is there any way that I can see if FedEx is sending me something?


Ask the construction company to give you a reference like a tracking or Door Tag number. If they have really sent it they should be able to give you a number. Then you go to fedex’s tracking site and type in the number. The site will then tell you where your package is.

Donald asks…

What time does FedEx usually stop delivering on Fridays or Weekends?

Around what time on Fridays/Weekends does FedEx stop delivering packages to houses? Do they deliver at all on these days?


The short answer is, “when they’re done”. For Ground and Home Delivery, there is no set-in-stone time that they stop at, it’s when they’ve completed all the deliveries that they intend to do.

All operations operate on friday, but only Home Delivery and Express will make deliveries on saturday.

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Your Questions About Forever 21

Nancy asks…

How to return something at forever 21 if it is late?

I really need to return something in forever 21!!!
Please tell me how to return this item.
It is past 30 days. Do i come in without the receipt?


Well its one thing for you to return it after 30 days, but to come w.o the receipt, makes it worse. You have to have the receipt and if you dont you cant. Really, you cant.

Ruth asks…

How do i keep my forever 21 jewelry from fading?

I buy a lot of my jewelry from forever 21…however it always tends to fade. I just bought a gold necklace from there yesterday and i would like to keep it that color. What should i do?


Ahhh I love forever 21!
I’m not overly sure if this would help, but if you painted it with clear nail polish, you know the kind that has UVA/UVB sun protectants in it..
I think that may stop the sun from fading the jewelery it you paint it carefully you would never be able to tell it’s there! And if it doesn’t work out, you can always remove it!
Good luck=)


Richard asks…

How long do stores like Forever 21 keep their clothes on the website?

I was looking online for some cute dresses to wear to my next dance,
and I found a whole bunch of dresses that I really like from Forever 21, delia’s, and Wet Seal.
My question is, will I be able to buy these dresses before my dance, or will they already be off the website and out of stores by then?
My dance is in March or April I believe.
Thank youuu!


You should be okay. If your dance is in March, you should try and get the dress by Feb., usually stores move their merchandise a month or two before the next season. Try eModa for dresses, they have unique ones, usually seen in Seventeen Magazine and People. They have better clothes then Delia’s, especially if you go to the clearance section. Here is a link. Good Luck with your Dance.

Susan asks…

How to find cute stuff on the forever 21 website & in the store?

I get so overwhelmed when trying to look through the clothes at forever 21 online and in the store because there is just SOO many clothes! What is a way I can find the stuff I am looking for without searching forever?


Don’t search online , you can’t try it . Go to the store and you can try the clothes and see which fits you the best .

Donna asks…

Are the prices at a forever 21 in a mall different than the forever 21 on michigan avenue?

I know the tax is more expensive, but are the general prices still the same at the forever 21 on michigan avenue in chicago?


Besides sales tax, you will pay a lot for parking unless you take public transportation. Why not make a day of it with lunch and other shopping if you go.

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Your Questions About Facebook Login

Sandy asks…

How do i delete my name coming up on facebook login?

I have a Mac. And sometimes i mess up my facebook loggin but it’s like stored somehow, so every time i go in to type my email ai … it has a long list of my mess ups. so is there away to remove all of those rememberd names? :) thanks!


1. Go to Internet options.
2. Clear datas.
3. Go back to Internet…

I hope that helps!

Maria asks…

how do you change your facebook login email?

i can’t figure out how to change my login, which is my old email address from college which i have no access to.
anyone know how to change it to a new one with out having to check that other email?


Account > Account Settings > Change email address

John asks…

How do you get the Facebook login history deleted….?

I have tons of friends and family that have come over and logged in and when i go to find my name in the login like 30 names come up and i wanna know how to get rid of all of them and the saved passwords.? I tried to go to internet options and delete history but that just got rid of url stuff…



Nancy asks…

Is anyone else having problems with Facebook login?

My sister and I both have our own computer but neither one of us can login.Please let me know if you are too.


It wont even come up with me.. Thought i was only 1

Daniel asks…

How to login to Facebook on the computer if you registered on a mobile ?

I made my facebook on my mobile/cell phone but now I cant login to the page on the computer.

Please Help ;]


It could be that your cell phone is using a wap proxy through your service provider. You need to reconfigure your phone to use a direct internet connection. These settings are similar to when you teether your phone to your laptop and use the phone as a modem.

Your true value depends entirely on what you are compared with. – Bob Wells (

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Your Questions About Firefox

Joseph asks…

In Mozilla Firefox how do you customize the toolbars to different colors and styles?

In Firefox you have the standard silver toolbars where the address bar and file/edit bars are there is the silver background. How do you customize and change that around?


Toolbar yes u can. Go to mozilla add on. Choose colorfultabs. Here the link:

Lisa asks…

How do you transfer your bookmarks and RSS feeds from Firefox to a portable version of Firefox?

I have a portable version of Firefox on an external drive and I’d like to export my current Firefox settings form my laptop Firefox to it.

Is this possible?


Xmarks is the best Firefox extension for ongoing synchronizing Bookmarks as well as passwords and even currently open tabs across different computers.

Can’t help with RSS feeds since I use My Yahoo for that.

Sharon asks…

How do I save my Firefox bookmarks when getting a new computer?

I’m getting a new computer but don’t want to lose my Firefox bookmarks. Is there an easy way to save a record of all the URLs in my Bookmarks and then quickly upload them to Firefox on my new computer?


Bookmarks… -> Organize Bookmarks opens a new window, click on Import and Backup to create a backup of them, copy that backup to a flash drive, then on the new PC do the same thing but Import from your flash drive.

Nancy asks…

How come Firefox displays a weird character when it should show a word?

How come I get this ☠ when using Firefox and when I am using Internet Explorer shows what I am supposed to get, (Wed) ,as the text
If you cannot see what I put down it is a small box with the numbers 26 and 20 inside of it.
Is there a fix for my problem?
Thanks in advance.


Some symbols may not show because your computer does not contain the font set and/or your browser is not set to the correct Character Encoding. Changing browser’s encoding is usually done from its View Menu.

If you see squares or question marks instead of the symbol you need to make sure you have the language pack installed necessary to show the symbols.

Installing Windows XP Language Packs:

(depending on the version of XP you have, you may need to insert your Windows XP Setup CD) then go to Control Panel >> Add/Remove Programs >> Windows Components scroll down in the list and put a checkmark next to “language packs”. If you cant find that, then go here instead Control Panel >> Regional and Language Options >> Languages then made sure both boxes under Supplemental Language Support are checked. Click NEXT and then let it do its thing. You will probably then have to reboot.

Enabling International Support in Windows XP/Server 2003 Family:
How to Configure Regional and Language Support for User Accounts:


Install a display language:
Windows Vista Ultimate language pack release information:
Installing Language Interface Packs:

Chris asks…

Can I get Firefox to always open media files in an external player?

It is very annoying to me that Firefox always opens mp3, wmv, mpg and opther file types in the browser window. Is there a way to set it to always open these files in winamp, VLC player, or anything else?


Firefox has an option under “Tools” called “Downloadhelper”
If you’re on a page that has a video running like Youtube or whatever it will allow you to save that file into a directory in your computer. If you don’t see DLH under Tools you may need to go into Tools then Options and add that handy item to your browser.

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Your Questions About Fox News

Chris asks…

How do I remove Fox news videos from Yahoo?

I just signed up to have Yahoo as my home page, and I notice all videos are from Fox News. I don’t want any part of Fox. They are biased and very narrow minded.
How do I remove their videos from Yahoo. Otherwise I’ll just go back to another home page.


I’d keep it.Nothing like keeping track of the creepy guy trying to corrupt everyone.Helps to know where he is and what he’s up to.Seriously.View it purely as amusement,keeps it in perspective.

Welcome aboard BTW. :)

Joseph asks…

Is Fox News a channel that is free with a digital receiving tv?

I need to buy my grandmother a portable tv for her job and i know she wants it mainly for fox news. Is fox a channel that gets sent out digitally for free? I have cable at home so im not really sure…


Fox News is a cable television station that can only be had on cable or satellite TV. However, the Fox network does have local affiliates that broadcast in most major television markets.


Lizzie asks…

Why is Fox the only conservative news channel I often hear criticism of?

Is fox the only conservative news TV channel, and if so, are people who criticize the fox news channel bigots against conservatives? If not, what other conservative tv news channels are there and why haven’t I heard of them?


Because it has ceased to be a news channel. It recycles the opinions of its moronic gasbag pundits, Beck, Hannity, and O’Reilly, and uses the statistics they concoct to justify their rantings – presenting them as ‘fact’ for their news broadcasts. When the GOP was in the White House, all was right with the world (even if the economy was tanking). Elect a person of color from another party, and we need a revolution. They are an ‘infotainment’ network set up to rake in optimum profits for their leader Rupert Murdock, who just can’t get enough of the green stuff – cash.

Mark asks…

What will I become after watching fox news straight for 2 weeks?

I am doing an experiment soon. I will be watching ONLY fox news and NO OTHER MEDIA OUTLET for the next 2 weeks. I will not watch ANY OTHER TV program. I will watch fox news re-runs on tv and on youtube. The goal is to then engage in conversation with my friends afterwards and see what they say.

What do you think they will say? Most of my friends are either liberal or central.


Why do people always talk in extremes when they talk about Fox news. Why not just watch a couple hours a week and do something else. You can’t impress Liberals they will insult you if you watch it a lot or just a little. I don’t watch TV at all and they periodically have to make up that I do so as to insult me. It’s no use trying to reason with these people. Don’t waste your time with experiments.

Jenny asks…

Why is Fox news ignoring the democrats wins yesterday while making the republicans wins the biggest news story?

So does this prove that all Fox news is just a republican cheer leading TV program that does not care about real news. They way the portray the governor wins is like it was the greatest thing since 911. Where is the coverage on the democratic wins which seats have more clout.


This is a Democrats base problem, and this is what Democrats better take from Last night elections .

1. If you abandon Democratic principles in a bid for unnecessary “bipartisanship”, you will lose votes.

2. If you water down reform in favor of Blue Dogs and their corporate benefactors, you will lose votes.

3. If you forget why you were elected — health care, financial services, energy policy and immigration reform — you will lose votes.

Tonight proved conclusively that we’re not going to turn out just because you have a (D) next to your name, or because Obama tells us to. We’ll turn out if we feel it’s worth our time and effort to vote.

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Your Questions About Food Network

Charles asks…

how do i get rid of the food network logo in front of my home page address?

i went on the food network for a recipe and now the logo is front of web page addresses. i tried restarting my machine and deleting my addresses and it’s still there.


Did you try deleting your cookies and cleaning the cache? The best way to do it is to use Ccleaner freeware

Sandy asks…

What is your favorite food network chef?

Mine is Mario Batali because he is the only chef on the food network who really knows how to cook, imo.


Bobby flay :)

William asks…

DO YOU watch the FOOD network?

if so. why do you like it? and who is your favorite? what would you like to see more of??? i wish they had more of ina garten because he recipes are great!!

i love the food network and love learning new recipes and my favorite is also paula deen and giada.


I watch the food network religiously. Why? Because i love food and i love cooking! My 3 favorite show in this order are:

1.) iron chef america – exciting head to head fast paced cooking
2.) 30 minute meals – these are some of the only recipes that i actually try making because they dont take the whole day to whip up
3.) everyday italian – giada is a great cook, and i come from a big italian family so i can relate

i also enjoy watching easy entertaining with michael chiarello, barefoot contessa, and ham on the street but not as much as my top three (paula’s home cooking is good too. I think its hillarious how she never waits untill she sits down to eat her creations. She always just digs in!).

Chris asks…

So what happened with Rachael Ray on the Food Network?

I have noticed her only program on the FN is 30 minute meals. I realize she has little time with her daytime show but is she going to disapear from the Food Network all together?

I like her better on the FN.


Same way with Paula Deen once they get famous they forget there roots and go for bigger and more $$$$ I am with you I believe it will go off the air. As many new cooks there bringing in, I mean makes you think what are they going to do with the ones who started it all? I know I didn’t answer but just a thought.

Steven asks…

I am looking for a recipe shown on Food Network a few years ago, called Neapolitan Chicken.?

This recipe was shown on a show where Food Network sent it’s people all over the country to meet with people with unique or popular recipes. This recipe was being made in a fire house by one of the shift firemen. I remember it had pasta, fresh tomatoes, olive juice, but not sure what else or the measurements. If anyone has this recipe or knows the firemen that has this recipe I would greatly appreciate a copy of it.


I searched food network and found the recipie. Happy cooking.

2 tablespoons olive oil, plus 1 tablespoon
6 to 8 cloves garlic, crushed, divided
2 teaspoons finely chopped fresh oregano, divided
2 teaspoons finely chopped fresh basil, divided
25 to 30 Roma tomatoes, diced
2 pounds chicken breast, diced into 1/2 -inch pieces, seasoned with salt and pepper
3 cups chicken broth
2 (10-ounce) cans sliced black pitted olives, with juice
2 pounds gemelli pasta

Pour 2 tablespoons olive oil in a skillet on medium heat and saute half of the crushed garlic in the oil along with 1 teaspoon basil and 1 teaspoon oregano. Add the tomatoes, a cup at a time, to the skillet. Once all the tomatoes are in the pan, allow them to reduce by a fourth.
In a separate pan, cook the chicken with remaining oil, crushed garlic, basil, and oregano. Cook until chicken is brown. Set the pan aside but do not discard any liquid that may be in the pan.

Once the tomato broth mixture has reduced, add the chicken, chicken broth and juice from the olives to the pan and allow it to continue to cook. In total, the tomato mixture will cook for approximately 1 hour. In a large stockpot, bring water to a boil in order to cook the pasta. Add salt and the pasta and cook until al dente or approximately 10 to 15 minutes. Drain the pasta in a colander and place in a large bowl. Add the finished tomato and chicken sauce to the pasta mix and serve. Note: Keep an eye on the reduction process, if it is reducing to quickly add a little water.

Serve with fresh grated Romano and sliced black olives.

A viewer, who may not be a professional cook, provided this recipe. The FN chefs have not tested this recipe and therefore, we cannot make representation as to the results.

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Your Questions About Fafsa

Laura asks…

Do i need to reapply for FAFSA if I want the information sent to an additional school?

I efiled the FAFSA application (The application for federal student financial aid). I intended to have the information sent to one school- but since the application, have decided on a different grad school.. To have the results of my FAFSA sent to a different college , do I need to reapply for FAFSA from scratch?


No. Once you have filed the FAFSA for a particular year, you cannot file another one. It will simply tell you that you already have one on file.

If you need to make changes to your FAFSA after you have filed it, including adding a new school, you can go to to make corrections to an already processed FAFSA. The link will be under Section 3 of the home page. You will need your PIN to access your application and submit the correction. If you have lost or forgotten your PIN, you can obtain it again at by clicking on “Request Duplicate PIN.”

You can include up to 10 schools on your FAFSA.

Daniel asks…

When do you start filling out FAFSA and other for UC or CSU?

When do you start filling out FAFSA and other scholarships for UC or CSU? is it before there deadline (Nov. 30) or afterwards?


The FAFSA is available online on January 1st of the new year (so you definitley can’t fill it out in November.) No school really tells you when you should apply for your FAFSA, but the sooner the better. (It’s said that the earlier you apply, the more financial aid you could possibly get.) However, one problem is that you have to get your taxes/income from your family’s (and your own, if applicable) employers – which usually takes at least until february or march. The earlier the better, though.

Thomas asks…

How much does FAFSA help a Sophomore student?

I am in the very bottom range as far as income. I am wondering about an estimate of how much money FAFSA might give me since I am a Sophomore student at a university. Please don’t give me the website to FAFSA because that didn’t help me.


You can never be sure until you fill it out. But what I do know is first come first serve; ie the earlier you get it in, the more money you could get.

Lizzie asks…

What happens if you miss the fafsa deadline?

So tomorrow is the deadline for the fafsa, but when i went to fill it out today i had to change my pin #. Then when i logged back in it said it would take 3 days before i can use my new pin, which means i will miss the fafsa deadline. So what exactly does that mean? Can i still apply for scholorships and grants if my fafsa is late? Can i still sign up for classes? Or am i completely screwed? Please help!


It means you don’t get your money unless you talk to the federal aid reps at the college you’ve chosen and ask them for an extension which they may give for you.

Mary asks…

How does my parents financial information effect my financial aid on my FAFSA?

This year I had to estimate my parent’s tax information on my FAFSA and correct it later because i needed to meet my FAFSA priority deadline and they file late. Now that I have their actual information, their earnings are much higher then what I estimated. Will this reduce any aid I may already have? Also, what can happen if the values on my FAFSA do not match the numbers on their federal return?


Check it out here. It’s an excellent site with some wonderful options for you. It will definitely help you. Have a look.



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